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Fernando Castro, Street Photographer Downtown Lima

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  • Blog: I blogged for Legal History Blog for the month of January 2020, and learned a lot as I put thoughts together on Paperless Law and Extrajudicial Legality in Latin American history, especially in blogposts cowritten my colleague Judith Mansilla and FIU PhD Student John Ermer. Click here for the roundup, which links you to the themes, including extrajudicial contracts and paperless citizenship in Cuba.
  • Blog: Yanna Yannakakis and I collaborated in a blog about the many spaces in which law happened outside conventional courts in Spanish America for the innovative Spaces of Law site.
  • Podcast: I had great discussion with historian of science and doctoral student Lisette Varón-Carvajal about The Enlightenment on Trial in a podcast interview for the New Books Network. 
  • Podcast: Historias  from SECOLAS, interviews historians of Latin America, and in 2019 I got a chance to talk about my work from its beginnings in native women’s labor, through legal history and the history of archives, to my recent work on childhood and medicine. Thanks, Carlos Dimas!
  • Codex Vienna detail wtih staff
    Mixtec (Ñudzahui) lords brandish staffs, which came to express the jurisdiction of indigenous judges in the Spanish empire-Codex Vindobonensis (15th c.)

    Podcast: Check out the 2019 interview with the American Historical Review I did with co-author Yanna Yannakakis about our article “A Court of Sticks and Branches,” on Indian jurisdiction in colonial Mexico

  • Website:The American Historical Association recently featured me in a 2018 Member Spotlight
  • Video: I was delighted to be the keynote speaker at the 2016 Faculty Convocation at FIU. You can read the text of my remarks here, or watch a video here.
  • Blog: A wide-ranging dialogue in 2017  other historians who’ve recently written on law in the journal Comparative Studies in Society and History included one of my contributions
  • Blog: I was interviewed by The Junto, an exciting blog on early American history, about my thoughts on Spanish America childhood history in 2018. The other interviews in the roundtable series show what a truly dynamic field this is.
  • Video:In April 2017, The Enlightenment on Trial was featured at an event also honoring my retiring colleague David Cook at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú– the institution that first hosted me as a doctoral student in Lima in the 90s. I am also proud to take David’s place as the liaison between FIU and PUCP, continuing our long history of institutional collaboration  Video here.
  • Online Article:My reflections on how Fidel Castro’s death and the 2016 presidential election were related in Miami appeared on the North American Conference on Latin America (NACLA) website in November 2016