Chacra Collective

A community of scholar-teachers, responding to the crisis in university teaching during the 2020 pandemic.

cropped-unnamed.jpgAny university teacher, of any rank or position or from any type of institution, who is active in (multi) disciplinary research on the history and/or culture of the Americas can become a CHACRA member and contribute to our archive of teaching resources. Please visit the website at or reach out to us at for more information and for the basic guidelines that ensure our work is useful and inspiring to budding scholars of the region.

Our contributors come from a wide range of institutions across countries, and are specialists on diverse topics and regions spanning Brazil to the Caribbean to Mexico to the Latinx US.  To date, our contributors include:


Alex Borucki

Adriana Brodsky

José Carlos de la Puente 

Lina del Castillo

Geraldine Davies Lenoble

Christine Ehrick

Mariola Espinosa

Karen Graubart

 Rafael Ioris

Nora Jaffary

Jane Mangan

Judith Mansilla

Christine Mathias

Kenneth Mills

Gillian McGillivary

Elizabeth O’Brien

Micah Oelze

Jody Pavilack

Fabricio Prado

Bianca Premo

Frances Ramos

Tom Rogers 

Yvonne Wallace-Fuentes

Farren Yero